Instead of only giving away cool prizes to the “Top 10” contest winners, we decided to make TWO different versions and allow you to compete with everyone and control your own destiny at the same time!

EVERYONE will win at least some prize. EVERYONE.

Everyone has a chance to get their hands on OVER $150,000 in prizes.

Contest #1 – This is your typical, traditional - TOP 10 contest. Sell more than everyone else, win COOL Prizes (Including one of 3 cars)...

Contest #2 is even BETTER - This one is a “Control Your Own Destiny” Contest in which your own sales determine what you win and you’re GUARANTEED that prize. To qualify. All you have to do is give away just 10 BOOKS!

Now, with over $100,000 on the line – I want you to know the FINE-PRINT up-front!

Contest Rules:

  • All the car prizes have a minimum sales required or else you bump to lower prize on the list that you qualify for. This is just fair, right?
  • You can only win ONE of the two contests – sales leaderboard or control your own destiny - whichever carries the highest value...
  • NO NEGATIVE MARKETING - prizes 100% taken away - no discussion.
  • Prizes will be paid out 30 days post the day that the launch ends – this way we can protect ourselves with fraud...
  • We hold the right to evaluate your lead quality and conversions and re-consider prizes if we suspect foul play!

That’s it – nothing too bad right? Just fair stuff!