We're doing something a bit different for this launch... we actually have 7 different sales pages for you to mail to! Each one contains unique quality content, followed by a compelling pitch for the free book.

You could mail to all 7 and rest assured that you are not being repetitive, and that your list will thank you for the quality content! The sales pages will be released as the launch progresses as per the following schedule.

  • Tuesday, Aug 14th – Cart Opened (Main Sales Page Released)
  • Friday, Aug 17th - "STUDY REVEALS: The 1 Thing 88% of Wealthy People Do EVERYDAY..." Released
  • Sunday, Aug 19th - "From Military To Million Dollars" Released
  • Tuesday, Aug 21st - "Multi-Millionaire Reveals His Personal Dream Board For 2018" Released
  • Thursday, Aug 23rd - Quiz Funnel Released
  • Saturday, Aug 25th - "The Greatest BUSINESS Lesson I Ever Learned - From a DRUNK Man at a Bar" Released
  • Monday, Aug 27th - "How Each of These 7 Billionaires Start Their Morning" Released
  • Wednesday, Aug 29th - "How Anik Escaped $1.7 Million in Debt" Released
  • Tuesday, Sept 4th - Close Cart



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